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The Munay Medicine Space is where love becomes medicine.

The word 'Munay' originates from Quechua; the language of the Q'eros in the high Andes of Peru. In the Inca tradition, Munay is seen as all-encompassing and unconditional love.

In one of my initiations I received the clear message that my gift to this world

is holding space for change from a place of love, of Munay.

The energy of Munay can be consciously generated and held - towards oneself, towards one's fellow human beings and towards a group or life situation.


In conjunction with the love for yourself and the love that we call in to this space together,

Munay Medicine can become the fertile, nourishing foundation for your transformation.

Everything I offer emanates from the wonderfully healing energy of Munay.

Munay Medicine is a true gift; it is my honour to share it with you.


About Munay Medicine


Katrin left the corporate world in 2010, driven by a yearning for a more sustainable and connected way to live, heal, and serve others. Answering her soul's calling, she graduated as a holistic midwife in 2013.

In 2016, she opened herself to the world of Shamanism, shedding layer upon layer of cultural, social, religious, trans-generational and family-systemic imprints, conditioning and limitations. Katrin became a

Womb Whisperer in 2021 and began to share Womb Healings & Blessings with women. 


Katrin's love for shamanic healing led her to the Four Winds Society and the teachings of Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos. She received the transformative Munay-Ki Rites and completed the Master Energy Medicine Training in 2022. Since then, she has facilitated deep healing and transformation for her clients, helping them to awaken their inner wisdom, reclaim their power, and live their lives more fully.

Katrin is passionate about sharing the Rite of the Womb (the 10th Rite of the Munay-Ki) with everyone, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, or whether or not they have a physical womb. She believes that balancing and reconciling the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within us can bring deep healing and open the door to a more empowered and creative life for all.

As a passionate Keith’s Cacao Practitioner, Katrin has incorporated ceremonial cacao into her work since 2021. As a result, she has witnessed extremely positive and sustainable shifts in her clients’ lives.

In 2023, Katrin received the Usui Reiki Attunements I and II and the Moon Mother Level I Attunement

(after Miranda Gray) which she delightfully brings forth into her transformational work.

Katrin is here to support you through all stages and aspects of your life - from birth to death. Change can be daunting, and she would be honoured to be by your side and provide a supportive space for your transformation.

Come and join in as we each reclaim our seat in the circle of life 💜


About Katrin

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