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Munay Medicine

Shamanic Sessions

Shamanic Energy Medicine is a very powerful way of restoring balance in your life. It helps you to "shed a constricting skin that has become to small" and make space for what you really desire.

No matter what your issue is - from severe trauma to exhausting outdated beliefs and thought patterns to physical illness or pain - this work allows for deep healing on a cellular level.


By clearing the "imprints" caused by these heavy energies, we free the energy flow within you, contributing to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Katrin Schulze

As a Shamanic Practitioner, serving as a channel for your process of transformation and self-healing.


In the Shamanic world view, "Everything that surrounds us is alive and has soul".

I didn't understand this quote from one of my teachers for a long time. Today I feel what she meant, and I have learned to connect with these forces.


It is the creative power and life itself that connects everything with everything: the stone and plant beings,

the animal kingdom, the waters and mountains of the earth, the human beings, the elements,

the sun and the moon, the planets and stars, the cosmos... and the immaterial, spiritual world.

Based on this understanding, Mother Earth and everything that lives on her is treated with great respect

and deep love in shamanic cultures worldwide.


As a Shamanic Practitioner, I connect with the forces in the immaterial world and become the hollow bone, the channel, the space holder for what needs to show up for the client at that moment. I myself also travel and am guided by the spirits. This gives me information and insights that can help the client.


Shamanic Energy Medicine


The Shaman's Agreement with Spirit

You Call, Spirit Responds...

... and the other way around


We are all surrounded by a "Luminous Energy Field" (LEF) that is anchored in the body through seven chakras. Each chakra performs a unique function, comparable to our organs, and each chakra radiates at a unique frequency.


We perceive them like the colors of the rainbow. In a newborn, the chakras shine brightly and in their pure color. Painful experiences throughout our lives cause our chakras to fade and toxic energetic residue to accumulate. This "mud" slows down the vibration of the chakras and throws them off balance. The consequences can be psychological imbalances, physical illness, accelerated physical aging.

Outside of the body there are two other chakras: the eighth chakra is the Wirakocha, "The Source of the Sacred," which brings us into a deep connection with all of creation. It hovers over our heads like a small spinning sun. In shamanic healing work, the Wirakocha helps us to open a sacred, protected space. The ninth chakra is outside of the LEF. It is the source of the eighth chakra and extends throughout the cosmos. Here we are connected to pure, crystalline energy of creation, beyond time and space.

Traumatic experiences such as abuse, neglect, violence, loss, separation, betrayal, etc., but also illnesses and accidents create “imprints” in the Luminous Energy Field. Psychotherapy and Western medicine can often be helpful in treating psychological or physical symptoms, but they may not be enough to fully address the root cause of the problem.


This is where Shamanic Energy Medicine takes effect. It can help to erase imprints, allowing us to heal more deeply and permanently. Attuning and re-balancing our energy field, it brings deep and lasting change.


At the end of the session, I will give you an assignment that will help you integrate the session and ensure you benefit in the best possible way from it.




An Illumination is a wonderful treatment that can bring considerable healing, realignment, empowerment and relaxation. In a short conversation, I will guide you through a process enabling you to gain clarity about your intention.

Once you can phrase it, I’ll invite you to choose one of the 13 stones on my mesa (altar). You will infuse this stone with your intention. I will then invite you to lay down as I test which chakra is affected by the issue. Placing the stone on the chakra, we will enter the illumination process which will result in deleting the imprint that caused a blockage in your energy field. 


At the end of the session, I will give you some tasks to fulfil that help you integrate the session and ensure you benefit in the best possible way from it.


At any given moment of the treatment, I will hold space for you in a respectful, caring, mindful and empathetic way. I am not “doing” anything except being a channel through which your own wisdom can flow. If I do receive information from Spirit on your behalf, I will share it with you during the session or afterwards.


Soul Retrieval

Whenever we experience trauma (e.g. a situation that scares the hell out of us - and we can’t get out of it), chances are high that we 'lose' the part of our soul affected by the incident. This is a protection mechanism of our brain that enables us to survive in the face of greatest fear. At some point in our lives however, me might feel as if we are not complete - as if there was a part (or several) missing. 


In a Shamanic Soul Retrieval session I journey for you, looking out for this part of your soul you are missing. If the soul part wants to come back, there might also be a gift and a power animal accompanying the return.


Retrieving a soul part is highly meaningful and supports your journey to “becoming whole again” in a powerful way. 



We can carry energies within us that feel “foreign”, as if they belonged to someone else. Often, this is connected to our family history or past lives. 


These energies can show up like a solid, dense energy of a specific form; e.g. crystallized shards, suits of armor, chastity belts, knives or other weapons sticking in some part of our bodies. There are also “fluid” energies that move through our bodies. I use an especially cut crystal to extract these energies. It is important to understand that these energies do not want to harm you.


This sounded very odd to me when first hearing of it. As we are all just energy, this is what can happen when energies residing inside of us are compacted - they show up in our bodies, blocking life energy to flow with ease.


In case you feel attracted to going deeper, please get in touch. I rarely do extractions in an initial session. Usually, it makes sense to do an illumination first and prepare the energy field before we go deeper.


Despacho Ceremony

I got initiated in holding Despacho Ceremonies in a powerful lineage of healers of Peru.


Despachos are beautiful offerings that can serve different purposes: balancing your relationship with Mother Earth, blessing a newborn child, a newly wed couple, a birthday child; asking for healing and support from the Spirit world; letting go of energies that don’t serve you anymore; asking for abundance in your private life or business; supporting your grieving process after a death or unsettling experience… and many more. 

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